Committees of the Board

Name of the Committee
Name of Director Designation
Board of Director Mr. Nandlal Sanghai Non-Executive Director
Mr. Prabhas Sanghai Non-Executive Director
Mr. Rahul Kumar Sanghai Non-Executive Director
Mr. Umesh Kumar Agarwalla Whole Time Director
Mr. Udit Sanghai Whole Time Director and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Natwarlal Sanwarlal Gaur Independent Director
Mr. Aftab Mohammed Yusuf Diamondwala Independent Director
Mr. Aspi Nariman Katgara Independent Director
Mr. Shridatta Suresh Haldankar Independent Director
Audit Committee Mr. Natwarlal Gaur Chairman
Mr. Aspi Katgara Member
Mr. Udit Sanghai Member
Nomination & Remuneration Committee Mr. Aspi Katgara Chairman
Mr. Natwarlal Gaur Member
Mr. Rahul Sanghai Member
Stakeholders Relationship Committee Mr. Rahul Sanghai Chairman
Mr. Nandlal Sanghai Member
Mr. Shridatta Suresh Haldankar Member
Committee of Directors Mr. Udit Sanghai Chairman
Mr. Umesh Kumar Agarwalla Member
Mr. Nandlal Sanghai Member